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will Happen over 54 continuous hours on December 12, 13 and 14 this year.

The ballot’s Open, and we’ve declared The War On Drugs.

The Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre, The One and Only Stage,  the rolling hills and bushy corners; Friday arrival, three days and two nights of All Sorts of Nonsense; still BYO, with no commercial sponsors, The No Dickhead Policy, Pink Flamingoes, The Gift, Magic O’Clock struck anytime; Tai Chi, Ecoplex Cinema, Sunset Strip and all the (un)usual trappings. You know the score – the more things change, the more they stay bilaterally symmetric, curious and thermoregulated. Extant.


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The Ballot for 24-Meredith is convenient and express. Whether you’ve flown with us before or not – click the ‘ENTER THE BALLOT’ button on the right before 9:47pm on Monday 11 August 2014, and head off from there. 

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One Tweak

Last year we chose to reduce the size of Meredith by 500 people – it was nice, so that will stay in place this year for more Time and Space. Premium as standard.

Who's Playing

  • warondrugs-152

    The War On Drugs

    Without a doubt my favorite album of this year has been “Lost In A Dream” by The War On Drugs. Long drives in the Valiant with this in the tape deck have been thoroughly revelatory, cathartic and cured me of everything. The music makes me feel at home, nostalgic, alive, uplifted; then at times sad, then happy, then happysad. It reminds me…..of the present. It’s the deepest, sweetest pleasure. It takes me back, takes me out, and takes me waaaay in. I don’t know where…but it takes me There.


    Come and ride away

    It’s easier to stick to the earth

    Surrounded by the night

    Surrounded by the night and you don’t grow old 

  • warondrugs-091

    This is their third album, and it’s their masterpiece. It took two years to record – apparently with cycles of writing, rehearsing, recording, then scrapping it and starting over. QC was set to “ultimate”; only the finest and sublimest was silky enough to slip through the filter. Not that it’s without true grit either.

    Things come and go so quickly, but this album is a piece of art for the ages.

    It means everything to me to have this at Meredith this year.

    ….You’re on my side again…

    Friday Night, let’s get lost in a dream.


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  • Watch Stuff

    The War On Drugs - Red Eyes

    No idea what he’s singing about, but I fully understand.

  • Watch Stuff

    The War On Drugs - An Ocean In Between The Waves

    There’ll be an ocean in between dusk and midnight on Friday night I tells ya. And I’ll be floating in it.

  • Watch Stuff

    The War On Drugs - Letterman

    Late Night alright.


As Meredithy As Possible

Just gonna do what we do best, do a lot of it, and do it really well. Looking forward to this one.

If you have any thoughts or comments or ideas, my caravan door is always open.

MSA CW2A1576

The Supernatch

All praise to Uncle Doug and the Supernatural Custodians who have spent years refining the festival site into a purpose-built Underground Wonderland. 24 years of collective know-how, and wild ambition married with a deep practical genius, means that sweet little parcel of land that hosts Meredith is now maturing into Everything We Hoped She Would Be.

The Sup'

The time of our lives

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Meredith remains fiercely Meredith – still One Stage Fits All, still uniquely BYO, everyone still camps (though with world’s-best-practice facilities these days), the BBQ has become the Community Tucker Tent, and is still a BBQ, with profits going to local community groups. There are no commercial sponsors – and never will be. The long-held No Dickhead Policy is still in place. Meredith is what it was always meant to be – a haven. A party. A celebration of music, nature, friendship and humanity.


A good start is essential

Meredith started back in 1991 when a coupla hundred friends had an end-of-year party here on the farm. It was a celebration of music, nature, friendship and humanity in all its four-dimensional glory. Back then there was just one stage, lots of local bands, everyone BYO-ed, the local community ran a BBQ, and the party-goers all camped overnight. There was plenty of time and space and freedom – it was dreamt up purely for fun.


Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee we will continue to listen, fix things if they don’t work, not fix the ain’tbrokens and keep on making Meredith AmaZinger.


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