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Caterer Registration

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Applications for catering at Meredith open each year in early June.

We ask that you send through an Expression of Interest, including a short description of your business detailing the following:

• What food you sell

• Where you are from

• A brief history of your enterprise

• A small photo or two of your stall and food

• The measurements of your site

• A proposed menu, including prices

• Anything else that you think is important

We’re particularly interested in knowing why you entered, or are entering, the catering business, whether it is a family connection, strange obsession, or a moment of clarity that led to you quitting your office job in a hail of expletives, skipping town with the petty cash and assuming a new name.

You can find out more about catering at the Supernatural Amphitheatre via our Prospective Caterer Fact Sheet.

If you have some interesting ideas, but no business as such, we are still keen to hear from you.

Please be aware that we receive an extremely large amount of EOI, not all of which we can reply to.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any questions you can get in touch via    

The Catering Team Meredith Music Festival and Golden Plains

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