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South Pines

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The Pines – North Pines & South Pines

The Pines are on the south boundary of Top Camp. They are two perpendicular rows of Pine Trees which intersect to form a giant “T”, thus creating two pockets of sheltered camping. The north pocket (North Pines) has been open for many years, whereas the south pocket (South Pines) was founded in 2007. These campsites are away from the action and are pretty quiet and peaceful. Both are protected on two sides by thick rows of pines, so they provide excellent shelter, depending on the direction of the wind. The coldest wind is the southwester, North Pines and South Pines provide good shelter from it.

The other aspect of Pine Tree Corner that many will find appealing is the panoramic vista. Man! From the other side of the trees, you sit high on a ridge, looking west to wide open plains that extend for miles and miles, a huge pine plantation, a disused gold mine and stunning sunsets. It’s a great spot, and those Meredith-goers who like sitting in a quiet field watching the sunset are in for a total treat.

The campgrounds are populated similarly to any city; the inner city is the most densely populated, with most campsites being smaller. The further away you go, the more land you have, and the closer to the wide open spaces of the countryside you get. South Pines, for instance, seems like it’s furthest from the action, but like so many outer suburbs, it’s got a direct arterial road and footpath to the inner city, and as such it’s easy to get to. And the blocks are bigger. And the views are amazing. And as we all know, the suburbs ain’t any straighter than the inner city.

All campgrounds are close to toilets, drinking water, security and helpers.

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