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Buying Or Selling Your Ticket

We have introduced a ticket re-sale service. The aim is to put people who have spare tickets in touch with people who missed out and prevent inflated ticket prices being sold by scammers through unauthorised means. This service provides legitimate sellers and buyers with a trustworthy and reliable service to put tickets in the hands of those who are keen to attend the festival. Don’t let your tickets get into the hands of Dickheads.


Offering a ticket?

If you purchased tickets to Meredith and your circumstances have changed and you can no longer attend, please contact Aunty to advise that your tickets are available for re-sale. If there are sufficient people on Aunty’s Waitlist, we will arrange a reverse charge of your ticket/s – please note that your booking fee will not be reversed. Please be aware, in the unlikely event that there are insufficient people on Aunty’s Waitlist, you will not be able to return your ticket/s.

When emailing Aunty, please advise:

  • the ticket number/s you’d like to return (the number printed on the wristband)
  • the name and email address of the original purchaser
  • whether you would prefer to return the ticket/s via express post, or hand deliver to a Fitzroy address

Note: your tickets will need to be returned to me by Tuesday 9 December.

Wanting a ticket?

Applications to join Aunty’s Waitlist have closed for this year.

Please keep in mind that you need to be a current subscriber and you are only able to apply for one ticket.

To sell any returned tickets, Aunty will contact people on the waitlist and check that they are still looking for a ticket. Assuming this is the case, the new buyer will be given a code and 48 hours to make their purchase. Your ticket will then be posted out in early November.

After tickets are posted out in early November, the re-sale system changes slightly for the sellers, as we will have to arrange for your wristbands to be returned to us. Please contact Aunty for full instructions.

Please be warned

We have introduced this service due to the dramatic rise in the number of people who were being scammed using other re-sale methods. If you are considering buying a ticket from someone on ebay or Gumtree (or a similar website), please be very careful and approach any transactions with extreme caution. The safest option is always to buy your ticket directly from the festival – either via The Ballot, Store Sales, Online Sales or via Aunty’s ticket re-sale service.

If you are in a position where you have spare tickets, please be aware that a ticket (wristband) to an event at the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre cannot be re-sold, attempted to be re-sold, transferred or attempted to be transferred for profit or commercial advantage. If this occurs, the festival wristband is voidable and the festival wristband holder may be refused entry to or be ejected from the festival site. Note that each wristband ticket has a unique code on it and each and every wristband will be scanned at Reception when each and every patron enters the event to determine that the ticket is valid.

Patrons are welcome to pass on their ticket if they wish to, preferably via Aunty’s ticket re-sale service, as long as they do not do so for profit or gain. In other words, if you bought a ticket and can no longer attend, you are very welcome to pass that ticket onto a friend, as long as you do not sell it for more than face value. If you bought it for say $318.80 plus $10 booking fee, you can on-sell it for $328.80. Please don’t let a ticket get into the hands of a Dickhead.

Look after each ticket in your order

You are responsible for all the tickets in your order, even if they are no longer in your possession. So if you buy three tickets and give one to a friend of a friend and that person sells it (or attempts to sell it) for more than face value, that ticket is still associated with you on our database. You are still responsible for all the tickets in your order.

Please note: Meredith Keys (ballot codes) are strictly not for sale and any codes bought or sold will be null and void.

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