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Thanks for stopping by our Volunteers’ page. Volunteers make the world (of Meredith) go around.

Applications to Volunteer at 24-Meredith have now closed.

If you have already submitted an application, you will be notified of the result by 6pm Monday 18 August.

If you missed the application cut off and would like to be added to the Volunteer Waiting List, please get in contact.

Cheers for now,

Charlotte Oppenheim
Volunteers’ Manager
Meredith Music Festival and Golden Plains

ps. Some of you know Adele Spence who has been the Volunteers’ Manager since 2006. This year Adele is having a baby, due the weekend of Meredith! So she is working in other capacities to assist with 24-Meredith before taking maternity leave.


Frequently Answered Questions

Will everyone who applies be successful?

No. We receive more than double the amount of applicants than there are Volunteer spots, so this means we don’t have room for everyone – it’s nothing personal. If you miss out you can ask to be placed on the ‘Volunteer Waiting List’.

When will I find out if I have a Volunteer spot?

All Volunteer applicants will be notified as to whether they are a ‘Lucky Volunteer’ or an ‘Unlucky Volunteer’ by 6pm on Monday 18 August.

How long do Volunteer shifts go for?

All Volunteers are required to work 8 hours (2 x 4 hour shifts)

In exchange for a full festival ticket, Lucky Volunteers will receive 2 x 4 hour shifts that take place over the festival weekend. Previously there were some shorter shifts during the festival weekend, they are no longer available. This year the cost of a festival ticket is $328.80 (including booking fee), so working a total of 8 hours is a very good deal, over $40 per hour. This will mean that there are less Volunteer spots available than previous years. We cannot accept shift time requests.

When will I find out my shifts?

Shifts will be sent out via email roughly 6 – 8 weeks prior to the festival. Please be sure to check emails regularly. You will receive all correspondence this way.

What if my shifts clash with my favourite band?

We are introducing a new initiative this season whereby Lucky Volunteers will be able to nominate an ‘Unmissable Band’. We will endeavour to schedule your shifts to avoid clashing with your ‘Unmissable Band’. However, please note, there are no guarantees. Please take this into consideration before applying to volunteer.

Am I required in the lead up to the festival?

No. This year you will collect your ticket on your way to the festival site. Please be sure to check emails regularly. You will receive your shift details and all correspondence this way.

If I apply to become a Volunteer and miss out, is there any other way I can receive a Volunteer spot?

There is no guarantee of receiving a Volunteer spot, but you are more than welcome to sign up for the Volunteer Waiting List.

Why is there a Volunteer Agreement?

We need to be sure that Volunteers will honour their commitment by completing their shifts, so we put it in writing. This also covers Volunteers under the festival’s insurance. We ask all Volunteer applicants to complete this agreement even before they know if they are a ‘Lucky Volunteer’ or an ‘Unlucky Volunteer’. Please be sure to read the agreement prior to agreeing to it.

Why do I need to supply credit card details?

As security for a Volunteer ticket. You will only be asked for this information if you are selected as a ‘Lucky Volunteer’, in which case your credit card will be charged a small processing fee of $2.00. Your credit card details will then be securely stored until after the festival. If you breach the Volunteer Agreement or the MMF Pty Ltd Rules or Terms and Conditions then your card will be charged with the cost of the ticket (including booking fee) plus an administration fee of $150.

Work Experience

Unfortunately we don’t offer work experience in the lead up to the festival. The best way to get involved is by Volunteering over the festival weekend. If you need a letter confirming your involvement by way of Volunteering, please contact our Volunteers’ Manager.

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