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Trespasser Policy

Boundary CW2A9213

There is a Zero Tolerance Policy in place for anyone trying to gain entry without a valid ticket, by foot, vehicle or other means. This policy has and will continue to be enforced. Such persons are trespassers and are therefore breaking the law. The maximum penalty for trespassing is approximately $2750 or 6 months imprisonment. Anyone assisting trespassers will be refused entry or ejected from the festival and banned from future festivals at the site. If a vehicle is found to be carrying or assisting even one trespasser, all occupants of the vehicle will be refused entry.

Any person who attempts to use an invalid or forged Festival Wristband to enter the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre will be handed over to Police. Anyone found wearing an invalid or forged Festival Wristband will be regarded as a trespasser and handed over to Police. The charge is Falsification of a Document, Obtaining Financial Advantage by Deception and Trespass. The maximum penalty for these dishonesty crimes is 10 years imprisonment. Alternatively a criminal conviction and/or a substantial fine are almost certainties. It is your responsibility to ensure the validity of your Festival Wristband. It is not possible to purchase a forged Festival Wristband through the Subscriber Ballot, Selected Store Sales or Online Sales.


• attempt entry in any manner without a valid wristband, or
• trespass on private property, or
• approach or enter/exit the site by other than the authorised entry/exit located at the corner of Mount Mercer and Nolan Roads.
• assist anyone with any of the above.

All Wristbands will be checked for proper application by staff.

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