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The festival has a team of ‘Helpers’ roaming through the Amphitheatre and Campgrounds at all times. These wonderful people are loaded with information about the festival. They help people find their tents, their friends, their way. They constantly look for people who might need a hand, eg. have had too much to drink, are unwell, not warm enough, too hot, lost, upset etc, and they do whatever is needed to fix things up. They also distribute recycling and garbage bags to campsites and pass on the good word on our recycling and green practices, without any overt missionary-type zeal.

The Helpers often have a background in First Aid or Event Management, though they are not part of the First Aid team. Helpers can be spotted in those emergency services style fluro vests with HELPER on the back. Do you think all the emergency services and truck drivers who have to wear fluro are happy or sad that the ‘fluro’ trend is over?

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Helper Huts

If you get lost on your way, there are now a dozen or so Helper Huts in the campgrounds which house enthusiastic and helpful Helpers. The Helpers are there to Help you with just about anything – directions to loos, food, etc, help you find your tent, ponchos if it rains, sunscreen, condoms, and to get the word out if someone in the area needs assistance of some kind. Familiarise yourself with your local Helper Hut before dark so you know where to go for 24 hour Help in the campgrounds.

If a campsite is playing loud music near you feel free to quietly let your local Helper Hut know in person or call/text them 0430 091 120.

They can be found at the following site map grid references: G8, G12, H14, M11, N8, O10, O14, Q11, R12, S9, U11 & U15. Open 24 hours.

Anyways. Helpers are unreal. We love them. Thanks Helpers. Another superb thread in the fabric of Meredith society.


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