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Sunset Strip

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Sunset Strip is located at the western tip of Top Camp. It’s (derr) a strip from which you can view the Sunset. However it was not directly named after the famed LA landmark, it was named for the 80s/early-90s Melbourne wild country rock band, whose singer completed a whole song at Meredith in 1991, thought to himself “gee that went well”, looked at the set list and discovered he’d just played the song that was next on the list, whilst his band had been playing the previous song at the same time. They were all too ‘lost in the moment’ to realise.

For those who don’t live in the country or have regular access to immense, panoramic views of the sun setting without a building in view right through to the horizon, well, Sunset Strip is worth a looksee. Apart from the vast sky and fading pastoral views, there’s a couple of haysheds and a deserted gold mine in the distance, and that’s all. Someone once told me that looking at a setting sun somehow releases lithium into your system. Lithium is (or was) sometimes used as a medication to calm down people who were manic. Dunno if that’s true or not. If you are some kind of medical expert, feel free to set me straight.

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